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Troubleshooting & Help Document

Personalization: Customize your cards and create shortcuts at any time.

Security: When sharing your cards, you always have the options to encrypt your shared card.

Backup & Restore: With Google services, your app data could be backed up and restored automatically.
* Shortcut feature is only available for Android 7.1 or up devices



1. How to add a card?
You can add a new card by pressing the “plus” button in the bottom-right corner, then simply press the scan icon to scan your barcode in, input your card title and notes, and even customize your card logo.
2. How can share my cards?
In the card view page, simply press the Share button, and then you can let your friends scan the QR Code on your phone. If your friends are not able to scan it, send them the shared link and they can import your shared card through opening the link with Cardless.
3. How can I import a shared card?
As mentioned above, you can scan the shared QR code or open the shared link with Cardless.
4. How to encrypt my shared card?
Cardless encrypt your shared card with four random characters by default. You can set the password to be stronger or turn off this feature in the Settings.
5. Where is the backup & restore function?
Cardless uses Google services to backup and restore your App data so it is connected to your current Google account.
6. How can I add shortcuts to my launcher?
Shortcuts feature is only supported by Android 7.1 or up. If you get the right OS, you can long press cards in Cardless’s home screen, and press the shortcut icon to add your picked cards to shortcuts list.
7. Is it possible to add a card having no barcode?
Yes, it is. You can manually input your card info in the Card number section and save your card. Considering the security issues, we disable the barcode feature if you manually edit card number rather than scanning.
8. Why my cards’ barcode cannot be scanned?
Some old laser scanners have difficulties scanning displays so it might take seconds or several tries. However, you can zoom out the barcode image if they have troubles in scanning.

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