The tool is still in its alpha stage as some functions may not work as expected, such as the alpha firmware discovery.
这是一个可以用来为Ticwatch 抓取 Ticwear 刷机包的工具,当前还在测试阶段,很多功能尚未实现,比如Alpha版的固件不能很好的获取。

Warning: this tool is only used for test purpose. Be aware of what you are doing with your watch, and I will not be responsible for breaking your device.
警告:该工具只用作测试意图。请想清楚了再刷机,对于由任何该工具造成砖机之类的问题概不负责。如见目前不支持新出的手表如 Ticwatch S, E之类,切记。

Test Results:
1. Ticwatch2 international version -> Ticwath2 Chinese version: Succeed!
2. Ticwatch2 Downgrade to 4.8: Succeed!
3. Ticwatch2 switch version manually: Succeed!

1. Ticwatch2 海外版刷国内版的固件:成功
2. Ticwatch2 刷低版本固件(如4.8):成功
3. Ticwatch2 版本切换(开发板->正式版):成功

1. Download your ROM, rename it to “” and place it in the root folder of sdcard of your watch,
2. Go to develop mode and update manually, wait for around 30 secs for the watch to process.
3. Reset your device after flashing a ROM.

1. 下载你需要的固件并重命名为“”,然后将改固件拷贝至手表存储的sd卡根目录
2. 进入开发者模式,点击手动升级即可。手表大约需要几十秒的时间来配置环境,请耐心等待即可

Current Version / 当前版本: 0.2
Download Link / 下载链接: TicFirm v0.2
TicFirm for PC version may not run correctly because I won’t maintenance it anymore, pls use the python script to find more/new roms.
Ticfirm 的PC程序将不会再继续维护下去,所以请使用下面的python脚本来挖掘你想要的固件。

Ver 0.2:
– Updated most firmware links;
– Added support for all release & beta ROMs.
– Fixed bugs.
Ver 0.1:
– Achieved basic features.


Advanced users/高级用户:
You can use the folling python script to sniffer any official roms with yourself. All the detected results will be saved into a csv file.
Github: Ticfirm-sniffer


vu dinh thai · 07/11/2017 at am 12:10

Today i try my best to download ticfirm like suggestions but downloaded only one firmware for ticwatch2-3G, so my device is i18n , now pls give me your idea about it that could rom be flash to my devices ?

    xswxm · 07/11/2017 at am 12:25

    for ticwatch2-i18n devices, u can flash roms from: ticwatch2 and ticwatch2-i18n

      vu dinh thai · 07/11/2017 at am 9:38

      Thank for your reply and now i can not download any rom with these tool , pls help me for tic2 or tic i18n chinese firmware version 4.13.0

vu dinh thai · 07/11/2017 at am 9:39

Thank you very much

vu dinh thai · 07/11/2017 at pm 10:00

Were there anybody when switch to chinese firmware that gps was not working ? So the weather app was not too or cast for area china ? And how to fix it ? And when you apply android wear mod some app not working ?

    xswxm · 07/11/2017 at pm 10:31

    u can switch between them if u do not do anything stupid; for android wear, not sure

      vu dinh thai · 07/11/2017 at pm 11:38

      Vietnamese were haven a ticwear mod for chinese version so it can make tic device connect to android wear then for gg map and more but gps was not working

        xswxm · 07/11/2017 at pm 11:56

        this is because u r using chinese firmware. However, the android wear compatibility mode cannot be enabled on global firmware.

          vu dinh thai · 08/11/2017 at am 11:09

          Yeah so i would like switch to chinese firmware for android wear compatibility but my weather app can not work then i switch back to international rom and thank for your links ,now there is a good new for ticwatch 2 that mobvoi has plan to update to android wear rom for tic2 version

vu dinh thai · 12/11/2017 at am 12:17

Hi mod , pls give me some words of you that now the chinese version was haven update 4.14 so could i switch to chinese rom for update ? Now a day i am bored with it so may i review the last version 4.13.0 intl ? Pls help . dear

    xswxm · 12/11/2017 at pm 7:55

    u can switch between roms and able to receive new updates. that’s it.

      Duy Tan · 29/01/2018 at am 4:12

      please help me!
      My device ticwatch S but it now tic_4.14.0 china version. Please give me 4.14.0_intl international version. My PC can not run ticfirm. i dont know why it erro when i run ticfirm.

        xswxm · 15/02/2018 at pm 7:31

        the windows application won’t be supported anymore, use the script pls.

        python command: (ticwatch 2 international version from 4.13 to 4.19)
        python -a ticwatch2-i18n -c release -v 412800 420000 -t 200


        Tic_4.14.0_intl: N/A

Dao Duy Tan · 29/01/2018 at am 1:33

Hi mod, my device’s ticwatch S that now its running on firmware tic 4.14.0 intl so i want to have a international rom and a chinese rom for switch. Now i do not have any rom then my pc can not run python and your ticfirm tool too, so if someone was downloaded pls up their rom to host and public them.
Please help me!!!

    Dao Duy Tan · 29/01/2018 at am 1:42

    srr my device running on firmware tic 4.14.0 china version. I want to have international rom 4.14.0_intl. please help me!

      xswxm · 15/02/2018 at pm 6:57

      sorry for my late reply.
      the software may not update anymore. so there are two methods for you to switch your rom.
      1. download an older international firmware and switch to it, then update your watch to the newest one.
      2. use the python script the sniff new firmware and flash one.

cosplay · 01/02/2018 at pm 5:21


    xswxm · 15/02/2018 at pm 7:08


Dingning · 13/02/2018 at am 2:06

抱歉,我的电脑运行不了TicFirm,可以有热心人提供我一个Ticwatch E的国内稳定版ROM吗?任意版本都可以。谢谢
My pc can not run ticfirm. Could someone help to down any chinese stable version firm? Thanks.

    xswxm · 15/02/2018 at pm 7:35


y0rk42 · 14/02/2018 at pm 11:32

在XDA Developers上有人放出了从Tickwatch E上dump出来的AW2.0 ROM, 博主有兴趣的话可以试试:

我手头的是Tickwatch E,正在想办法能不能把这个ROM刷进去

    Dingning · 16/02/2018 at am 2:38


      Cherin · 04/03/2018 at pm 11:15

      返修了吗 官方有拒绝维修吗?

      y0rk42 · 21/03/2018 at am 2:17


toffy · 18/02/2018 at am 2:13

I was trying to download the latest firmware for Ticwatch S by using the following code.

python -a Ticwatch_S -c release -v 411081 412080 -t 200

but it seems that the firmware was for Ticwatch2. What is the right name for Ticwatch S international. Seems Ticwatch_S is not the correct name. Thanks in advance.

    xswxm · 20/02/2018 at pm 8:36

    they share the same firmware, do not worry.

      Toffy · 21/02/2018 at pm 11:47


      I don’t think so they do. I can see from build.prop and the system/apps and etc are totally different. Would you mind to share the link. Maybe I look for the wrong one. Really appreciate.

        xswxm · 22/02/2018 at pm 7:26

        Sorry, i dont have any backup links. you have to figure out by yourself. I do remember they shared the same firmware when i found the files on their server. However, i am not sure if they have changed the rules. Anyway, good luck, and I might arrange some time on figuring out this problem later because i am quite busy right now.

          Toffy · 23/02/2018 at am 3:58

          Sounds good. Take your time..I can wait 🙂

          Leo · 03/03/2018 at pm 1:02

          I want to watch e international firmware, can u give me the link?

Leo · 24/02/2018 at pm 11:04

Could u give me the ticwatch_e firmware?…..I don’t know script and coding…

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