[PSV] VPKManager 0.42 is released!

It is a tool that can help to manager your .vpk files, enjoy! 2016/09/27: Be sure that you are using the right database because the English database and Chinese one are sepsrate. 2016/09/27: The new built version requires you guys to join the world for sharing game infos and savedata. Hence, I provide a temporary...

[Theme] TouHou Project / 東方Project

Version: 1.10 Updated: 07/10/2015 Description: include all system icons, 10 background pics and BGM. Changelog:   Ver 1.01: notifyBgColor fixed (04/10/2015).   Ver 1.10: Added BGM (绯色月下、狂咲丿绝)!! Thx for ordi the Tutorial. (07/10/2015)     Download: PCSF00688-TOUHOUPROJECT000_Ver_1.10.zip Reference:  http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=230943&type=all&p=6

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