[TUTORIAL] Unlock Xperia Camera Features

This tutorial will show you how to enable some features for Xperia Camera.
1. Decompile SemcCameraUI.apk
2. Choose the features you want to enable
3. Compile it and done!


A. Enable SuperiorAuto 20MP/23MP (Thank Chocolatetrain)
Step 1: modify the file “SemcCameraUI\res\values\bools.xml

Step 2: modify the file “SemcCameraUI\res\values\arrasy.xml

B. Enable more ISO values for 20MP/23MP
Step: modify the file “SemcCameraUI\smali\com\sonyericsson\android\camera\configuration\parameters\Iso.smali

C. Enable SCN(Scene selection) for 20MP/23MP
Step: modify the file “SemcCameraUI\smali\com\sonyericsson\android\camera\parameter\dependency\DependencyApplier.smali

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