[TOOL]a simple script to move .odex files (for Z2/Z3 beta_MM_ROM)

In the MM_beta system.img, sony adopts symlinks for .odex files ranther than real .odex files, so moving every .odex file to its right place is a boring job. thus, i wrote a simple script which will help u to move these stupid .odex files.
PS: it’s a .bat file, so pls run it in windows

Steps (example: moving .odex files to ***\system\app\):
1. put the ‘copy.bat’ in the ‘***\arm\’ folder with lots of .odex files which we have just generated
2. edit it with any textediter and change the ‘inloc’ value to your ‘***\system\app\’ location (do not forget the “” in the end)
3. run it (no worries if you run it twice by mistake).
for ‘***\system\priv-app\’ floder, just do the simliar steps again
for ‘***\system\framework\’ floder, just copy manaully (do care the ‘SemcGenericUxpRes.odex’).

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