[12864/SSD1306] Video Player

It is a python script for playing videos on 12864 over SPI sockets, and you can download all the files from GitHub.



Setting Up
Configure your 128464 by following this tutorial

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo apt-get install python-pygame
sudo pip install opencv-python
# Ports used for the Display. You may have to change them to yours
RST = 25
DC = 24

How to Use

# sudo python player.py file_path
# Play BadApple.zip
sudo python player.py BadApple.zip

Convert a video
I provided a m file for matlab for converting videos while you can also convert any videos with opencv

[TicFirm] a tool for sniffing Ticwatch Firmware (Python script updated)!

The tool is still in its alpha stage as some functions may not work as expected, such as the alpha firmware discovery.
这是一个可以用来为Ticwatch 抓取 Ticwear 刷机包的工具,当前还在测试阶段,很多功能尚未实现,比如Alpha版的固件不能很好的获取。

Warning: this tool is only used for test purpose. Be aware of what you are doing with your watch, and I will not be responsible for breaking your device.
警告:该工具只用作测试意图。请想清楚了再刷机,对于由任何该工具造成砖机之类的问题概不负责。如见目前不支持新出的手表如 Ticwatch S, E之类,切记。

Test Results:
1. Ticwatch2 international version -> Ticwath2 Chinese version: Succeed!
2. Ticwatch2 Downgrade to 4.8: Succeed!
3. Ticwatch2 switch version manually: Succeed!

1. Ticwatch2 海外版刷国内版的固件:成功
2. Ticwatch2 刷低版本固件(如4.8):成功
3. Ticwatch2 版本切换(开发板->正式版):成功

1. Download your ROM, rename it to “update.zip” and place it in the root folder of sdcard of your watch,
2. Go to develop mode and update manually, wait for around 30 secs for the watch to process.
3. Reset your device after flashing a ROM.

1. 下载你需要的固件并重命名为“update.zip”,然后将改固件拷贝至手表存储的sd卡根目录
2. 进入开发者模式,点击手动升级即可。手表大约需要几十秒的时间来配置环境,请耐心等待即可

Current Version / 当前版本: 0.2
Download Link / 下载链接: TicFirm v0.2
TicFirm for PC version may not run correctly because I won’t maintenance it anymore, pls use the python script to find more/new roms.
Ticfirm 的PC程序将不会再继续维护下去,所以请使用下面的python脚本来挖掘你想要的固件。

Ver 0.2:
– Updated most firmware links;
– Added support for all release & beta ROMs.
– Fixed bugs.
Ver 0.1:
– Achieved basic features.


Advanced users/高级用户:
You can use the folling python script to sniffer any official roms with yourself. All the detected results will be saved into a csv file.
Github: Ticfirm-sniffer

[Xperia XA/F3115]Stock_Marshmallow_ROM_Ultraslim (Full deodxed)

Thank to rrvuhpg‘s awesome root and recovery that allow us to install custom roms on Xperia XA. Hence, i have made a MM ROM which is fully deodexed and ultra slim, hope you will enjoy.

Based on F3115_Customized AU_1302-4361_33.2.A.4.70_R4A, and for F3115 devices only.
You have to unlock your bootloader and flash this rom.

– Full deodexed & Ultra slim
– Disabled signature verification (Not sure)
– Added AudioRecorder
– Modified Xperia Home
– Modified OEM partition
– Updated some apps (e.g: Music, Video, Album, etc.)

Simplified List:
– Video
– AnonymousData
– FaceLock
– Google Apps (except Play Store)
– Input Methods (except English)
– Live Wallpapers
– SonyEntrance
– Some widgets & plugins
– Smallapps (except Touchblock)
– Sony UpdateCenter
– SynHub
– Useless Camera plugins
– Tasks, etc.

1. Unlock bootloader and flash boot and recovery by following rrvuhpg’s post.
2. Boot into recovery mode
3. Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache & flash this ROM
4. Flash other packages (e.g.: supersu, drm, xposed) if you want

– ROM: F3115_MM_33.2.A.4.70_ULTRASLIM.zip
(MD5: 71aef0aa3aa5cbffa8ed31a8a557bb39)

Further Step (Optional):
Because the rom occupies around 1.1 GB in system partition, you can shrink your system partition (to 1.5GB or 2GB, for example) and expand your userdata partition. I did it and i am sure you can heve a try. Here is the tutorial i followed.

@IgorEisberg for the XperiFirm
@rrvuhpg for the root and recovery

[MyIoT] A start with personal server for home automation

What is myIoT:
1. myIoT is a solution for home automation, it can be implemented on your Raspberry Pi. And it theoretically can enable you to control devices (include other embedded devices connected to the server) and acquire info of these devices.
2. It is currently based on python (sever part) and Android (Client)
3. It can process HTTPS and Socketio requests.

Github link: https://github.com/xswxm/MyIoT

It currently can handle HTTPS and Socketio requests, UDP could be patched to it later so we can do some fancy things like having audio or video conversations, just blow you image and it can control everything.


[Tricks] Enable immersive mode with ADB command

//Turn on immersive mode (hide both status and navigation bars)
adb shell settings put global policy_control immersive.full=*
//Hide the navigation bar only
adb shell settings put global policy_control immersive.navigation=*
//These commands could be applied to specific apps, just replace the "*" with package names
//For example, if we want to immersive the Chrome and the Maps, just use the following command
adb shell settings put global policy_control immersive.full=com.android.chrome,com.google.android.apps.maps
//Revert to the standard mode
adb shell settings put global policy_control null

[Xperia Z2 / D6503]Marshmallow_Stock_291_ROM_Ultraslim (Full deodxed)

Hi,bros, i have created a MM_ROM which is fully deodexed and ultra slim, hope you will enjoy.

Based on D6503_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_Customized_AU, and for D6503 devices only.
For both locked & unlocked devices (unlocked devices maight have to flash a additional package to restore DRM keys).

– Full deodexed & Ultra slim
– Rooted with SuperSU
– Disabled signature verification
– Added AudioRecorder
– Modified Xperia Home
– Xeria XZ Wallpapers
– Fixed usb configuration in Settings (parts)
– Adjusted lowest Brightness level to 4
– Newest hosts files (for AD blocking)
– Updated some apps (e.g: Music, Video, Album, etc.)

Simplified List:
– AnonymousData
– FaceLock
– Google Apps (except Play Store)
– Input Methods (except English)
– Live Wallpapers
– MirrorLink
– SonyEntrance
– PS4 Wireless Controller
– Some widgets & plugins
– Smallapps (except Touchblock)
– Sony UpdateCenter
– SimpleHome
– SynHub
– Useless Camera plugins
– Tasks, etc.

1. Boot into recovery mode
2. Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache & flash this ROM
3. Flash other packages or mods(e.g.: xposed, camera mods…) if you want

– ROM: Z2_MM_23.5.A.1.291_ULTRASLIM.zip
(MD5: 15ad2ac2a000bdcdc1c954fdb1d640bf)

@IgorEisberg for the XperiFirm
@Laercio_lalau for the root files
@serajr for the Recovery

[Toturial] Enable ‘None’ option in screen lock for xperia devices running MM

This toturial is tested on Xperia Z2 running MM(291).

1. Decompile Settings.apk
2. Open ‘Settings\smali\com\android\settings\ChooseLockGeneric$ChooseLockGenericFragment.smali’
3. search key words ‘Lcom/android/settings/ChooseLockGeneric$ChooseLockGenericFragment;->disableUnusablePreferences(IZ)V’ to navigate an delete the following lines:

    .line 289
    invoke-virtual {p0, v3, v0}, Lcom/android/settings/ChooseLockGeneric$ChooseLockGenericFragment;->disableUnusablePreferences(IZ)V


[C#] A bug when using DotNetZipLib v1.9

I found an interesting bug When using DotNetZipLib in C#. The bug happens when I opened a perticular zip file several times.
Test file (Download Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1millKzm Passwd: vj3f)

//Set fileName to your dowloaded file.
string fileName = @"C:\PCSH00249_FULLGAME_01.00.VPK";
int i = 0;
while (true)
    Console.WriteLine("{0} try...", i);
    using (Ionic.Zip.ZipFile zipFile = Ionic.Zip.ZipFile.Read(fileName)) { }


[PSV] VPKManager 0.42 is released!

It is a tool that can help to manager your .vpk files, enjoy!
2016/09/27: Be sure that you are using the right database because the English database and Chinese one are sepsrate.
2016/09/27: The new built version requires you guys to join the world for sharing game infos and savedata. Hence, I provide a temporary admin account which will allow you to modify the online database. Furthermore, if you are willing to do this, pls email me (hzxswxm@gmail.com, it is better to sent me some screenshots for the games you have to prove yourself), then i can share you the real admin account (the long lasting one)!

Version 0.42 (2016/09/26)
1. Fixed the bug that some mini install package cannot install correctly
2. Other improvements (code)

Version 0.41
1. Fixed a bug when calculating the checksum for DLC
2. Fixed a bug when uploading savedata (disable choosing file function when uploading)
3. Fixed a bug for the searchBox (disable when syn)

Version 0.40
1. Added support for Syn with Cloud!
2. Added support for Sharing & Downloading Savedata directly!
3. Added support for more game detials
4. Added support for searching games
5. Added support for choosing language
6. Added support for renameing *.lnk files
7. Added support for remebering the size of windows
8. Fixed some translation bugs
9. Fixed the notification when chooing game path
10. Fixed some bugs when renaming files
11. Lots of improvements
Notice: I have limited the online syn frequency to once per week if you are not using an admin account. The purpose is to protect the weak server. However, thare are alternative ways to force to do online syn, such as delete the native database (VPKManager.en-US.xml or VPKManger.zh-CN.xml).
MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT keep doing online syn by this trick on purpose!

Version 0.32
1. Added savedate id to ‘Comment’ (Thank donghui2199)
2. Fixed a translantion bug

Version 0.31
1. Fixed a important bug for extracting games
2. Fixed some translantion and other things

Version 0.30
1. Fixed Chinese support
2. Support extracting files with updates or fullgames
3. Fixed several bugs

Version 0.21
1. Fixed a bug of renaming files

Version 0.2
1. Extract games to PSP savedata folder
2. Delete and rename games
3. Lots of improves

Version: 0.1
1. View .vpk and .zip files
2. Open files and file locations.




Download: VPKManger.zip