[MOD] Z2_MM_486_Beta_Settings_Bug_Fixed

The MM beta ROM have just been released several days ago, while since it’s a beta, i have already met several bugs, such wifi issues. here is a another bug in Settings.apk: if you open Settings, and navigate to Developer options, tap Select USB Configuration, the list you see it’s partly wrong, it has two...

[TUTORIAL] Unlock Xperia Camera Features

This tutorial will show you how to enable some features for Xperia Camera. 1. Decompile SemcCameraUI.apk 2. Choose the features you want to enable 3. Compile it and done! Features: A. Enable SuperiorAuto 20MP/23MP (Thank Chocolatetrain) Step 1: modify the file “SemcCameraUI\res\values\bools.xml”

Step 2: modify the file “SemcCameraUI\res\values\arrasy.xml”

B. Enable more...

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