The primary text of the application is in Japanese. An simple application to learn Japanese syllabary.

v1.5.0 Update

  • Upgrate the quilty of vioce.
  • 提高声音质量。
  • zune: WP7.1&WP8
  • xap下载:WP7.1  WP8

v1.4.0 Update

  • Update Japanese 50-tone.
  • Use higher quality pictures.
  • Better support for Windows Phone 8.
  • 更新日语50音图。
  • 使用更高质量的图片。
  • 更好的支持Windows Phone 8。

v1.3 Update

  • Support English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
  • Add Simplified Chinese translation to explanation (can be closed)
  • Adjust the UI, add special effects, etc.
  • 支持英语/简体中文/繁体中文切换
  • 添加简体中文词条解释(可关闭)
  • 调整UI、加入特效等等

v1.2 Update

  • fix two bugs, and now you can tap the words.
  • 修复两个错误,并且能够点击单词了。

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崔瑶 · 06/12/2012 at am 12:18

很好的软件 很强大 优秀

zhang · 06/03/2016 at pm 8:33




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